Terms and conditions - Please read first!

We thank you for visiting our web store! All our pricing is in Canadian funds - International or outside Canada sales must email us - gepets@outlook.com.

Animal sales;

All Sales Are Final

After arrival, we offer a seven-day health guarantee. And offer Live arrival guarantee on all our livestock. - Any problems with the animal (s) must be reported to us within 4 hrs of receiving the shipment. We are easy to communicate with so there are no excuses for miscommunication! 

We are not responsible for shipping or mishandling, or delays. 

We also reserve the right to ship weather permitting. 

When buying an animal ( animals ) Please click ;live shipping: option. We will not ship live animals if the wrong shipping method is chosen. Shipping is done through our - UPS LIVE ACCOUNT. Usually held at nearest UPS depot for costumer pick up. This is safer than being in a delivery truck all day. 

Product sales; 

All Sales Are Final

We ship through Canada post standard shipping to save cost. Usually packages take a day to pack and Ontario clients can receive within 3 business days. Outside of Ontario - can take longer - Please be patient as we have little control over this. 

Lastly- if you purchase an animal, you can add products to the shipment at no additional shipping cost. - Remember again to choose the live shipping option. 

Any further questions can be directed to Rob Conrad @ gepets@outlook.com