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Smart Microhabitat - Aqua

Biopod Smart Microhabitats allow you to create a rainforest for your pet, herb and vegetable garden for your kitchen or a beautiful home décor to set in any space. The sleek and stylish design and advanced automatic technology offers an optimal beginner or expert hobbyist experience. These ecosystems improve the chemistry in your office space through your co-workers as they promote creativity and efficiency in the work place while reducing stress levels since studies have proven being around plants enhances your well-being. They are also an excellent hands-on educational implement for younger minds to older minds and work great in classrooms for students to visually observe different aspects of the environment such as soil conditions, gas levels and moisture. All-in-all The Biopod Smart Microhabitats will create a beautiful décor with little maintenance, enhancing the visual and psychological experience inside of any space all controlled from your very own hand-held wifi device.

Built-in Technology

This system is operated with the Biopod App compatible with iOS and Android or other Wi-Fi Connected devices. This pairs the Biopod to the app and cloud server so that you may begin to customise your settings. This tank can be used for three major uses; Plants, Pets and Décor. You may configure the settings within these quarters in order for your tank to automatically adjust the temperature lighting, humidity, ventilation and rainfall controls for your specific pet, plant species or décor. Simply tell your app what type of plants you are growing or which pets you are keeping and the environment will automatically adjust to meet their needs. You also have the option to manually operate this system on your own. 

The Integrated Misting system is designed to automatically or manually imitate distinctive rainfall cycles from real natural habitats and apply it your ecosystem. This technology provides a hands-free watering and hydration method as it uses a 2 litre reservoir. Natural air patterns are also replicated from real-life habitats through included Biopur Air injectionequipment which accurately balances oxygen and carbon dioxide while maintaining life sustaining equilibrium by merging aeroponics with complex substrate and ventilation.

Natural lighting is imitated through UVB Diode and Sunlight LED Panel technology. The UVB Diode as it sounds, emits powerful compacted UVB which provides your ecosystem with required vitamin D synthesis in order for optimal growth and health. The Sunlight LED Panel produces a soft 5000k color temperature and a high PAR value. This is designed to replicate a natural sunlight spectrum; thus, boosting photosynthesis for encouraging growth and to stimulate your life-like natural atmosphere. There are individual heaters already installed into this design. The Integrated Heating equipment works with the automated and manual mobile application controls in order to adjust both substrate and air temperatures specific to your indicated pet, plant, seed or décor. Your ecosystem is constantly monitored through the integrated sensors. This Advanced Sensory Feedback is what sends information to the equipment in your tank for it to regulate the temperature, humidity, rainfall and ventilation for optimal climate control for your precise reason. You might be wondering how these sensors know the exact climate conditions it needs for your type of pet, plant or seed species and décor. This is all possible through Biopod Cloud which contains limited species provided on the mobile application which consists of combined information collected from over 50 years of historical and biological data. this is then applied to your input settings in order to generate the ideal environment your tank-life needs to grow and maintain a life-like and natural ecosystem. Your beautifully customize tank can be viewed by people in its physical location or it can be shared through the HD Camera that offers full 1080p viewing from anywhere in the world, all managed through the Biopod mobile App. (Tank) 24.65" x 15.00" x 21.00" / (Base) 18.75" x 14.87" x 2.71" / (Total Unit Height) 25.64"