Blue Tongue Skink Food Crumbles - 8 oz

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The 8 ounce container of Zoo Med Blue Tongue Skink Food Crumbles is a scientifically formulated daily food source designed for the unique and sensitive dietary needs of blue tongue skinks. These hearty reptiles require a specialized diet, and the crumbles are filled with chopped timothy and alfalfa grasses that provide essential long stem fiber, an important ingredient that is found in the natural diet of these reptiles. Additional ingredients include fruits such as mango, animal protein from black solider fly larvae, tasty dandelion greens and yucca, all of which blue tongue skinks encounter in their natural habitat and have a noted love for.

For added flavour and nutritional variety, the Zoo Med Blue Tongue Skink Food Crumbles can be mixed with Zoo Menu canned Blue tongue skink and Tegu food and Zoo Meds Can O’ insect line. The food is all natural and contains no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives.


For Hatchling skinks up to three months old, feed free choice and change daily. For Juvenile to Adult skinks feed three times a week. Pellets may be moistened by adding water which may stimulate feeding behavior. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables makes a great occasional fresh treat and may encourage feeding behavior for those that are being switched from a live food to a pelleted diet. Always provide clean drinking water (use Reptisafe water conditioner to treat tap water). Store in a cool dry place. Never feed moldy food.