Jurassipet JurassiMite - 250 m

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JurassiMite - 250 ml

Jurassipet JurassiMite topical spray eliminates general reptile parasites, for instance; mites, fleas and ticks from reptiles and enclosures. This topical spray is non-toxic, safe and effective. JurassiMite can be used frequently or infrequently as needed for eliminating parasites in enclosures, as other brands have toxins and are not able to be regularly used, generating long-term cleaning intervals allowing parasites to re-spread. JurassiMite is successful when the spray comes into contact with the parasite. It is suggested that when cleaning your empty enclosure, you refill your terrarium with new substrate to avoid further parasite occurrences.

JurassiMite should NOT be used on amphibians.